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Cold Calling: Do's and Don’ts


cold calling do s and dont sSales reps might put cold calling in the same category as visiting the dentist, but that's probably just because they haven't been taught the Do's and Don'ts. By giving your sales reps some valuable tips and training, you can help them to become experts at cold calling. Not only will their calls go better, but also they'll feel more comfortable with assignment.

Let's get the Don'ts out of the way first.

The Don'ts of Cold Calling

Don't call a company, client, or agency without first checking to see if your company already has an established relationship with them. Cold calling an existing client is just plain embarrassing, and it makes you look disorganized and thoughtless. Even worse, it makes your client feel unimportant, that they're not valuable enough to show up on your company's internal radar.

Don't try to position your products or services into a situation where they really don't belong. Yes, you might be desperate to make a sale, but you can't fit a square peg into a round hole. Keep your integrity by only selling your goods or services to people who could really use them. Otherwise, your reputation (and the reputation of your company) is in jeopardy.

Don't be rigid in your message. Yes, you've worked hard to craft your message and you've chosen your words carefully, but conversations can take interesting turns and twists. Go with it, and be prepared to adjust your message to the situation. 

Don't focus your cold calling on the close. It's good to have goals like setting up sales meetings or making sales, but your cold calling should really be about determining whether a prospect is interested. Laying on the pressure during your cold calling can be a real turnoff.

Now that we know what not to do during your cold calling, let's look at the positive things you can do to be successful.

The Do's of Cold Calling

Do remember to ask, "Is this a good time?" People are busy, and you might be catching them just as they're leaving for an important meeting or when an important client just walked through the door. Your courtesy can go a long way toward a business relationship. If it's not a good time, offer to call back when it's most convenient. You can also get an e-mail or postal address so you can follow up with detailed information that they can read when they have more time.

Do call in additional help if someone asks questions you're not prepared to answer. It's okay to say that you don't have that answer right now, but you know someone who does have the answer. Either you can call that person in right away, or you can set a time to call the person back and offer your well-researched answer to the question. 

Do remember that "no" isn't failure. When you're cold calling, it's easy to take rejection as failure, but remember that a certain percentage of people are going to say no to what you have to offer. You have to wade through a certain number of no's to get to the yeses. Also, you can think of cold calling as market research. With each call, you gain a little more clarity and learn about what people are really looking for.

Do keep things short. You don't need to chitchat at the beginning of each call. People are busy, and directness is appreciated. Instead of focusing on what you're going to say, focus on being a good listener. Excellent listening skills go a long way with cold calling.

Do leave voicemail messages. When you hear a voicemail message, don't hang up. This is another opportunity to get your name and mission out there. Leave your name and number, the reason you called, and then leave your name and number one more time.

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3 Ways Stress is Helping Some Sales People


3 ways stress is helping some peopleIf you've been involved in sales for long, then you know the havoc that stress can wreak on an agent. Many of the common problems you see in a sales team can be tied directly to the stress levels of the members of that team--sales is rather infamous as a mentally exhausting profession, for good reason. But there are two sides to every story, and as with so many other things stress in moderation can have unexpected benefits. That's right--controlled properly, stress helps sales people. In this article, we'll discuss three key ways that stress helps sales people when kept under control as part of a healthy work environment


A bit of stress helps sales people maintain their focus. Without some level of stress, there's a tendency to waste time, become easily distracted, and underperform in general. The importance of a healthy level of stress can't be underestimated when it comes to focus--if there's no worry, no concern about the outcome of a given sale or group of sales, motivation lags, edges dull, and sales people fail to achieve their potential. Studies show that when we feel anxious, we release adrenaline. The improved alertness, awareness, memory, and cognitive function caused by that release can greatly improve a sales person's productivity. 


A bit of stress helps sales people by letting them feel challenged. If your sales team isn't a bit challenged, you're going to see a big drop off in the bottom line and in your team morale. Stress helps sales people stay invested in their work and avoid the listlessness that follows when one finds they never have to 'try'. If your team isn't feeling any stress at all, expectations have been under calibrated; more work could be done and better outcomes achieved. Unchallenged employees are also more likely to move on to bigger and better things--few sales reps want to waste their talents at companies that don't give them work to match their potential.


Studies show that psychological stress is a lot like physical stress, i.e. exercise. In proper amounts, that stress helps sales people (and everyone else) become stronger physically and mentally. In excess, it breaks us down too far and we lose any benefits.

But a little bit of stress in a contained period can cause improve antioxidant mechanisms, free-radical defenses, and general immunity. Just take it easy--the cortisol that improves immune system function, for example, can suppress it if released in excess; that's why chronically stressed people end up chronically sick people. 

One Last Warning!

Only a certain form of stress helps sales people. The short-term stress you experience in the lead up to and duration of a phone call with a high value prospect is healthy and benefits you. A day of stress as you race a deadline may be good in some areas and bad in others--that sort of stress helps sales people, if it's not happening too often. The stress caused by a caustic work environment, by bosses that set unreasonable expectations, publicly humiliate employees, and threaten to fire anyone that messes up doesn't help.

In short: event-specific stress helps sales people; ongoing take-it-home-and-dread-the-next-workday stress hurts sales people. Constant stress causes high employee turnover, reduced morale, and chronic sickness, so keep things nice and moderate.

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SalesForce Search specializes exclusively in sales recruiting across North America and serves small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. SalesForce Search helps companies find qualified sales people who will have an immediate impact on their sales targets.

5 Easy Ways to Make Closing Sales Deals Easier


5 easy ways to making closing sales deals easierClosing sales deals faster shortens your sales cycle and helps you to accomplish more in the same amount of time. Sometimes sales reps avoid strategies that are designed for closing sales deals faster because they don't want to be perceived as overly pushy or aggressive, but there are things you can do to speed things along without resorting to high pressure. Try one of the following five easy ways to make closing sales deals easier.

1. Use Your Website

If you haven't already done so, develop an engaging, powerful website that offers electronic delivery of information that you would normally send to prospects via e-mail, snail mail, or in person. Giving them this information quickly and easily online will streamline your sales process by several days and help you with closing sales deals faster.

2. Provide a Response Time Frame

Open-ended offers often remain that way: open-ended. When you ask a prospect to respond within a certain amount of time, prompt them to make a decision. In the end, this does both of you a favor, whether or not they choose to buy. It saves you both time and energy, and often, it leads to closing sales deals faster. You can do this by adding the following line to your cover letter or email: "Please return this application within seven days; otherwise, we will assume that you are no longer interested in this opportunity."

3. Cover Common Objections in Your Initial Presentation

After selling a certain service or product for a while, you get to know the common concerns of your potential customers. Instead of waiting for these concerns to come up later, tackle them from the very beginning. This helps with closing sales deals faster because your prospects don't have time to stew over their objections; you've already covered those concerns, hopefully having given them satisfactory answers to their questions and concerns. Therefore, you can more quickly get to the next step in your sales process.

4. Follow Up Religiously

Professional, consistent follow-up is a basic sales strategy, but it definitely helps with closing sales deals faster. Sales managers can help their reps to follow up with clients by setting a good example themselves in following up with reps on their short-term goals. Here are some ways you can follow up with clients and move toward closing sales deals faster:

  • Email reminders and information
  • Send a hand-written thank you card
  • Get a commitment for a follow up call or appointment
  • Keep your commitments
  • Be polite and professional

5. Tie Your Product or Service to a Pending Regulation or Other Impending Event

You don't have to create your own artificial deadline if there's something going on in your industry that makes your services and products immediately important to a customer. It's not always possible to do this, but when it is, use it to your full advantage. If you keep up with industry news, you'll have more information at the ready for helping with closing sales deals faster. You'll know what's going on and be able to use this knowledge to your full advantage.

Closing sales deals faster doesn't have to be intimidating or difficult when you use your website, provide a response time frame, cover common objections in your initial presentation, follow up religiously, and tie your product or service to a pending regulation or other impending event. By practicing these techniques, you'll shorten your sales cycle and become more profitable.

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SalesForce Search specializes exclusively in sales recruiting across North America and serves small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. SalesForce Search helps companies find qualified sales people who will have an immediate impact on their sales targets.


3 Steps to Avoiding a Bad Sales Call


3 steps to avoiding a bad sales callWe all hope for the best in our work endeavors, and sales is no exception. We want to believe that all clients are a potential good fit and that we can develop a successful working relationship. But sometimes a bad sales call is inevitable, and that can be a big source of frustration in terms of wasted time and effort. However, with a little careful attention and planning, you can minimize the chances of being on the wrong end of a bad sales call.

Research and Prepare

You probably wouldn't take a 1,000 mile road trip without first getting directions and researching what you want to see along the way. Each sales call requires at least the same amount of advance preparation. Research and preparation are essential components for success in anything you do, and very often, a bad sales call can be traced back to a lack of preparedness. When you come into a sales meeting with background knowledge about the client and their challenges, you can show them how your company can solve those issues. Avoid a bad sales call by planning ahead.

On that note, it's also important to screen your leads. You won't even make it past the gatekeepers if you don't know the name of the right person to contact. It's just as important to research companies, too. Those that are going through bankruptcy may not be as likely to buy an expensive new computer network, for example. When you want to avoid a bad sales call, make sure you do your homework.

Start Strong

People don't have as much time and patience as they may have had in previous decades, and short attention spans aren't just applicable when it comes to television commercials. It's more important than ever to open your sales pitch with a strong, attention-grabbing lead. While you want to build a relationship with your potential clients, reconsider your approach if you try to engage them in small talk about the weather or the baseball game. A weak opening statement can very easily turn your valuable opportunity into a bad sales call before you know it. 

If you are not sure about how to start strong with a bold opening statement, practice with a friend or another member of your sales team. You need to be confident and decisive to lead your client into making the right decision, and you need to do it quickly. Getting off on the wrong foot is a sure recipe for a bad sales call.

Listen Closely

Some people have pre-conceived notions about bad sales calls, so they come into the situation with a lot of resistance. They expect to receive a nearly scripted pitch, with well-rehearsed rebuttals to their objections. But although these may be signs of bad sales calls, it does not have to end there. Actively listening to your potential client can turn the expectations on their head and enable you to overcome them. Pay attention to body language as well as verbal language, and address the objections head on. 

When you are paying attention to your potential client, you can learn to recognize a bad sales call in the making and take a different tactic. You can reset the tone of the conversation and steer it to a more productive and honest dialogue. A bad sales call always has the potential to turn around.

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SalesForce Search specializes exclusively in sales recruiting across North America and serves small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. SalesForce Search helps companies find qualified sales people who will have an immediate impact on their sales targets.


5 Reasons Why You Should Be Improving Your Sales Company's Website


5 reasons why you should be improving your sales companies websiteYour company needs an internet presence. Most successful companies have a sales website already, but that doesn't mean that the website itself is always working as well for you as it should be. It may not always be easy to know when it's time to improve your company's sales website, but here are some signs that you should consider an upgrade.

Your Website isn't Informational

Even in this day and age, a lot of companies still underestimate the importance of having a comprehensive website. Potential customers use websites as a significant source of information in making purchasing decisions, and a lot of customers do the majority of their research online before they ever call a sales person or company representative. If your website lists too little information, the customer could write off your company without giving you a further chance. In this case, it's far better to have too much information than too little.

Your Design is Too Simple

Maybe you aren't a technology company, so you might assume that your website doesn't have to be technologically impressive. But no matter what products or services your company has to offer, you still need to have a well-designed sales website with contemporary design features. You can't use the out of the box templates that might come with your computer. When it comes to having a polished sales website, you need to hire a well-qualified graphic designer or webmaster to build your page. 

Your Product Line Has Changed

As mentioned above, your sales website functions as a product brochure more than a static business card. Potential clients and customers are looking for you online every day, and what they want to see is a detailed description of what you have to offer. A company's product lines change on a regular basis, so it's important to have an up-to-the-minute display of what you have to offer to a potential customer.

You Have New Contact Information

Even though your sales website isn't as static as a business card, customers do you want to see updated information. When the employee contacts listed on the website are outdated and no longer active, it can be a big enough deal to cause clients to go elsewhere. On a similar note, if you choose to feature photographs online of your staff, make sure the pictures are current.

Similarly, if your office has recently moved to a new location or changed its phone number, it is essential that your website reflects the most current contact information. Outdated information really can cost you a sale.

You Want to Connect with Your Clients

Relationship building is a key component of successful selling, and a good sales website can be a valuable tool in achieving this. If previous versions of your company website were only informational, there is also a good chance that the website was boring. Every new website viewer is a potential client, so wouldn't you want to take advantage of their visits to your page? Make sure your sales website is ready to convert interest into a sale, or to keep your company in the forefront of your clients' minds. Find effective ways to engage with them, such as through blogs or social media discussions, and you will keep them coming back to visit your page again. Your sales website represents a whole new way to reach your customers and make the best impression.

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SalesForce Search specializes exclusively in sales recruiting across North America and serves small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. SalesForce Search helps companies find qualified sales people who will have an immediate impact on their sales targets.

How to Boost Your Sales Team's Morale


how to boost your sales team s moraleIf sales team morale has taken a beating due to sluggish sales, high turnover, or lackadaisical leadership, it's time to take action. Fortunately, boosting sales team morale doesn't have to take a lot of time or even significant changes in the way you already lead your team. Small changes can make a big difference in the way members of your sales team feel about their work, their co-workers, and their prospects.

The following tips can help you to boost sales team morale. You can incorporate these tips into the way you manage your sales team within a matter of weeks, helping you to turn a bad situation into a good one. When sales team morale improves, not only will sales come easier for your team members, but the entire team will enjoy a greater sense of unity and purpose.

1. Update Roles and Responsibilities

It's much easier for employees to find a sense of satisfaction and well-being in their jobs when they have a clear understanding of everything that's expected of them. Ambiguity results in frustration, and frustration inevitably leads to low sales team morale.

To make sure all of your sales reps understand their roles and responsibilities, start by reviewing their current job descriptions and seeing if they accurately depict what you want your reps to be doing. Visit with peak-performing sales reps and ask about the skills, knowledge, and work habits they have that are not specified in their job descriptions. Using your findings, create new job descriptions and make sure your sales reps thoroughly understand what's expected of them. It helps to communicate your expectations on a regular basis.

2. Set High Standards for Attitude

Employers set clear standards expectations when it comes to skills and experience, but they don't often set clear standards about attitude. How can you expect enthusiasm and a positive attitude from your sales reps if you don't first define what kind of attitude you expect and how to achieve it?

A positive, enthusiastic attitude doesn't come naturally to everyone, but everyone can learn to be optimistic, encouraging, and hopeful, especially if they have a good example to follow. If you want to boost your sales team morale, you must be that positive example. Don't let your sales reps get away with complaining, whining, or making excuses. Set your standards high, and stick to them.

3. Create Sales Process Milestones

Sales team morale improves when team members see and recognize their success, and you can help them to see their success by pointing out when they surpass milestones. Of course, in order to surpass milestones, those milestones have to be clearly defined.

Milestones give people short-term goals to work for, and as they pass each short-term goal, they get closer to their long-term goals. Reaching goals is highly satisfying and keeps sales reps motivated to continue the success they're enjoying. Even better, when your team can reach team milestones as a group, they root for each other, and sales team morale takes a huge leap.

When you update roles and responsibilities for your sales team, giving them clear direction in their positions, set high standards for attitude, and create sales process milestones to work toward, sales team morale will improve. As morale improves, not only will your sales reps be individually more happy and successful, but your entire team will work together better.

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How to Fall in Love With Your Sales Job


how to fall in love your sales jobEnjoying your job plays a major role in how productive and successful your job performance will be. But whether you are starting a new sales job and need to ramp up your enthusiasm to hit the ground running or you have hit a period of burnout and need to find your spark again, you can find ways to fall in love with your sales job. Here are some tips to boost your positive attitude so you can be perfectly poised for job success. 

Recast Rejection

Nobody likes to hear the word "no," but it can be especially difficult for sales people because so much of your job success is tied to getting an answer of "yes" instead. It is easy to reach a point of feeling beaten down by getting the negative answer so much. But rather than getting discouraged, which can create a self-perpetuating cycle of future defeat, learn to fall in love with hearing no instead. Every rejection is an opportunity to refine your sales technique and learn what works and what doesn't work. When you view rejection as a challenge, you can learn from it to overcome the objection next time.

Present Yourself as Valuable

Being a sales person is not just mindless work that anybody can do: it takes a combination of the right skills and personality traits. When your energy and enthusiasm are lagging, remind yourself that you have something valuable to offer not just your company, but your clients and potential clients, too. Spend a few extra moments each morning getting ready for the day and paying extra attention to your appearance so your outward look will present the respectable, professional image you want to convey.

Surround Yourself with Winners

Even though sales people want to succeed as individuals as much as possible and can engage in a little friendly competition, the truth remains that we all get by with a little help from our friends. Your peers have a big influence on your success, though. You can fall in love with your sales job when you spend time with positive, upbeat and motivated colleagues. Stay away from negative influences as much as possible.

Fake It Until You Make It

What do you do when you are in a long term slump and just can't get that level of motivation back? That's when it is time to fake it until you make it. You may want to utilize a time honored tactic of repeating positive affirmations, which has been a very useful for technique for the most successful people in all roles, including sales. If you have hit a string of bad luck with the sales calls or failed to win big deals, don't let yourself give into despair. Repeat positive words to yourself in the mirror about why you are a winner, that your clients will purchase from you and that you are successful. Even if you don't feel it's true at first, eventually your affirmations will help you believe what you are saying and to fall in love with your sales job again.

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SalesForce Search specializes exclusively in sales recruiting across North America and serves small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. SalesForce Search helps companies find qualified sales people who will have an immediate impact on their sales targets.


5 Benefits of Using a Sales Recruiting Company


5 benefits of using a sales recruiting companyFinding qualified new sales employees can be a real challenge. When you're looking for new hires, there are several good reasons to enlist the assistance of a sales recruiting agency. Here are some of the top five benefits to using a sales recruiting company.

1. You have a large number of responsibilities.

Recruiting new staff is a very time consuming process. Today, most companies are operating with over-extended staff, all of whom have far more work to do than they can fit into a normal work week. It is a smart idea to outsource as many functions as you can, so that you can focus on all of the other important work you need to do. A sales recruiting agency has the time to devote to finding the right candidates.

2. You don't have a lot of experience.

Believe it or not, hiring a new sales person isn't something that just anybody can do, and it is both a skill and an art. A strong sales recruiting agency knows how to find the right candidates. If your experience in hiring sales people is limited or if you've made some bad hiring decisions in the past, you may not be as well trained in spotting both the skills and warning signs that differentiate a great hire and from a disastrous one. It is better to admit that you need help than to make a mistake. A sales recruiting agency specializes in finding the right employees, so you are in better hands when you trust the experts.

3. You need a lot of new employees quickly.

Companies' sales needs can fluctuate over time. You may be used to working with the same sales crew that you have, and that works out just fine for a long time and the services of a sales recruiting agency may not seem as necessary. But certain circumstances can create the need to quickly ramp up the size of your sales staff. Whether it's a big new product launch, a merger or rapid organizational expansion, sometimes the need to add more staff can happen more quickly than you can handle it on your own. A qualified sales recruiting agency can help you meet these needs easily.

4. Your organization is really small.

The size of your organization plays a major role in whether or not you should consider using the services of a sales recruiting agency. Larger companies are more likely to have an entire department dedicated to human resources, which can devote their time to all aspects of hiring, including recruiting new employees. Recruitment is a full time job in itself, and small businesses may not be able to devote the resources to it. A sales recruiting agency can be like a virtual extension of your business, without the full time salary to go along with it.

5. You have specialized needs.

Hiring a sales employee is generally done with the ultimate goal of choosing a candidate who will stick around for many years to come. But as most companies know, employment needs are far more flexible and varied today than they once were, and not every hire is intended to be a permanent, salaried one. Situations in which you might find it more useful to enlist the help of a sales recruiting agency include when you want to hire independent contractors or sales staff who specialize in a specific industry with which you are not as familiar. 

A lot of people and companies tend to adopt a very independent maverick sort of attitude that they can do everything on their own. But when you reach out to the help of other organizations, like a sales recruiting agency, you can find that it makes your company more successful, too. 


SalesForce Search specializes exclusively in sales recruiting across North America and serves small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. SalesForce Search helps companies find qualified sales people who will have an immediate impact on their sales targets.

5 Steps to Ruining Your Sales Reputation


5 steps to ruining your sales reputationIn sales, your reputation can either destroy you or be your biggest asset. Your sales reputation is something that you nourish or damage every single day. Your day-to-day actions and your interactions and communications with co-workers, clients, and superiors are the building blocks of your reputation. Commit the following mistakes repeatedly, and you will ruin your sales reputation. Steer clear of these mistakes, and you will enjoy a reputation that will lead to sales, enviable jobs, and prestige in your industry.

1. Miss Deadlines

It's such a simple thing, but you can ruin your sales reputation simply by missing deadlines. A customer needs a product Tuesday, but you forgot to order it on time. Think they'll order from you again? No way. Your sales manager asks for a list of all of your third quarter sales by Friday, but you give it to him on Monday. Do you think he'll consider you for a promotion? Not if this behavior is typical.

If missing deadlines has become habitual for you, what can you do to turn things around and save your sales reputation? Consider whether or not you're over-committing. If you overschedule your days, you will have a difficult time accomplishing everything expected of you. If, after examining your schedule, you see an ordinary load, get tough with yourself. Don't go to bed until you've accomplished everything on your to-do list, and make an effort to plan ahead and hold personal calendaring sessions with yourself on a weekly basis.

2. Make Excuses

Sometimes there are valid excuses for failing to accomplish something or meet someone, but if making excuses has become your mode of operation, you could be ruining your sales reputation.

Next time you feel like making an excuse, stop and consider the situation. Often, when sales people habitually make excuses, it's because they don't take responsibility for their failures or for their successes. Instead of making excuses, be resourceful and do what you can to find solutions to the problems that will inevitably come up from time to time.

3. Don't Prepare for Sales Calls and Sales Meetings

You've talked about your products and services a million times before, so why bother preparing for sales calls and meetings? Failing to prepare can ruin your sales reputation. Hopefully, you already know your products and services inside out, but have your done your research about how your company's products can help each particular customer?

This kind of preparation takes time, but you'll get better at it with practice. Your sales reputation can really benefit from the personalized service you can offer when you take the time to adequately prepare.

4. Be Unresponsive

Answering e-mail can really be a drag sometimes, and who wants to answer work-related text messages in the evening? Like it or not, being unresponsive to e-mail and texts can ruin your sales reputation.

Sales reps sometimes make the mistake of thinking that not responding to an email means the same as saying "no" or simply telling people you're busy, but instead, it introduces ambiguity into the conversation. Your customers and co-workers may wonder if you got the message at all, and they might even surmise that you're avoiding them. Respect your customers, co-workers, and mangers by being responsive.

5. Ignore the Details

Sales can be full of details, and it's tough to keep track of everything, but your sales reputation depends on your paying attention to the small stuff. When you make lots of small mistakes, they add up over time. When you neglect to remember which customers like which products, you miss out on sales.

Sales reps who are good at details enjoy the most success. If you want to improve your sales reputation, sweat the small stuff. Make lists and set reminders if you have to, but do what it takes to remember the details.

Start today to build your sales reputation and enjoy greater success.

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SalesForce Search specializes exclusively in sales recruiting across North America and serves small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. SalesForce Search helps companies find qualified sales people who will have an immediate impact on their sales targets.

How to Make Sales Recruiting Easy


how to make sales recruiting easySales recruiting seems like it can be a difficult job. The stakes can seem high because the risk of making the wrong hiring decision could be serious. But, believe it or not, sales recruiting doesn't have to be a big headache for you or your company. In fact, sales recruiting can even be fun and effective at the same time. Here are some tips you can implement to make this necessary task more successful and less difficult.

Refine Your Ideal

Any effort is difficult when you are not exactly sure of what your desired outcome will be. Just as you would not build a house without a blueprint, you also would not want to hire new sales people with a vague notion of the ideal candidate. Taking the time to refine the ideal sales person for your organization is an essential part of your sales recruiting effort. Once you have an idea in mind of the type of employee you want to recruit, the more you can focus your energy on finding such a person.

Use Social Media

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably at least heard about the widespread reach of social media. Today, social media platforms are one of the very best ways to extend your sales recruiting efforts to reach more potential candidates. Your efforts will likely be more successful if you cast a broad net, so you should utilize multiple social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Each of these three platforms also have the option to create specialized groups based on particular interests, so it may be useful to your sales recruiting to participate in or create such a group.

Engage in Real-Life Networking

No matter how common and effective social media tools may be, they still can't replace the benefits of real life, face to face contact. This more personal form of networking remains an important tool in your arsenal of recruitment tactics. You can look for potential new sales candidates at events like industry groups, public speaking groups like Toastmasters and even through your local chamber of commerce. Sales recruiting should always naturally occur while you are networking.

Sponsor Events

Sponsoring local events isn't just a great way to generate good publicity for your company and garner good will in your community, it's also a good sales recruiting tactic. Consider sponsorship of a local team as a way to attract new recruits. You may also want to consider sponsoring a fun community outing that will bring in a diverse cross section of community members, many of whom may be looking for their next opportunity.

Teach Seminars

Perhaps one of the best and most natural events to sponsor would be an educational and informational seminar for sales people, ideally in your industry. The seminar will help you attract the kind of candidates who are focused on remaining sharp and active in their field, and it makes them a captive audience to learn more about working for your business. Community colleges may also welcome guest instructors, which could help you find additional new recruits.


SalesForce Search specializes exclusively in sales recruiting across North America and serves small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. SalesForce Search helps companies find qualified sales people who will have an immediate impact on their sales targets.

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