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3 Reasons to Use a Sales Recruitment Company


3 reasons to use a sales recruitment companyWhen your organization needs to hire a sales person, not just any sales person will do. You need a sales person who is performing at the top of his or her game who can consistently boost your organization's revenue over and above targets. A sales recruitment company is the best way for your organization to find and hire sales people with these abilities. Here are three reasons why.

A Sales Recruitment Company Helps You Identify and Address Your Hiring Needs

A sales recruitment company is ideally positioned to help you identify the key skills and abilities that a sales person must have in order to fulfill your hiring needs. Sales recruitment companies recognize that to find a successful match between a candidate and an organization, more than just sales ability is at stake; candidates should also be a fit for the culture and have complimentary skills in areas important to you, such as finance or management. With this in mind, sales recruitment companies can differentiate your hiring process for results by:

  • Taking a consultative approach, partnering with your organization to understand its current position, past hiring successes, and future needs
  • Building on an existing understanding of the sales industry to identify and provide solutions for your organization's unique sales hiring requirements
  • Crafting recruiting campaigns that attract the most qualified candidates to your open opportunities while engaging interest in and commitment to the hiring process

A Sales Recruitment Company Saves You Time and Cost in Initial Hiring Processes

Much of the time and cost of recruiting sales people is incurred in the initial stages. The tasks involved in organizing, reviewing, sorting, and following up on resumes received in response to a position posting are time consuming and result in direct and indirect costs. By understanding what your organization is looking for as well as what your organization does not want to see in a sales person, a sales recruitment company can begin sorting through available candidates for an open position and keep only those candidates who meet your requirements under consideration. A sales recruitment company can also undertake many of the next-step screening tasks, such as telephone interviews.

A sales recruitment company can also act as your organization's advocate in the sales job marketplace. Many top performing sales people are already working, and might not initially know about or be pursuing your available sales position. Through networking and outreach a sales recruitment company can meet with these highly eligible sales candidates and explain the benefits of considering a move to your organization, something that your organization might not be able to do to attract top caliber candidates on its own.

A Sales Recruitment Company Provides Deep Evaluation and Assessment Capabilities

Evaluating and assessing a candidate's ability to perform without directly observing his or her performance on a day to day basis can be difficult, which is why many hiring decisions ultimately fall short. By working with sales candidates on a daily basis and developing proven processes to evaluate and assess candidates' true abilities, a sales recruitment company can help you determine what can be expected from each candidate so that your organization does not find itself facing undesirable hiring surprises. A sales recruitment company can also:

  • Evaluate candidates for future potential, especially important if job stretch or promotion is expected for a position
  • Provide top quality reference checks for all necessary aspects of a candidate's background
  • Assist your organization in negotiating salary and benefits with first choice candidates

To compete for candidates in today's sales hiring marketplace, organizations need to think strategically and be proactive rather than reactive. A sales recruitment company can assist your organization in finding the right hiring strategies to attract and retain top performing sales people reliably and cost effectively - before your competition can. Contact a sales recruitment company today to find out how you can make a real impact on your organization's hiring results.

SalesForce Search specializes exclusively in sales recruiting across North America and serves small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. SalesForce Search helps companies find qualified sales people who will have an immediate impact on their sales targets.

How Top Sales Recruiters Attract Sales People


how top sales recruiters attract sales peopleTop sales recruiters can help your organization attract and recruit higher caliber talent, but what it is that top sales recruiters are doing differently that helps them deliver with such high levels of success? The fact that sales recruiters are working in the job market with candidates every day helps, but that is not the only key to attracting high quality sales people. Read on to find out what differentiates top sales recruiters from others looking for sales talent in a crowded market.

Top Sales Recruiters Tailor the Job Description to Interest Candidates

Most organizations take a top down approach to writing a job description, thinking of everything that must be included to cover the organization's idea of a position and beginning writing from that point. However, approaching the job description from the viewpoint of an organization can cause the things that are most important to top quality candidates to be left out. The result is predictable: Top quality candidates are not interested, and therefore do not apply.

Experience has informed top sales recruiters what candidates are looking for, and by tailoring the job description towards those interests and needs sales recruiters can realize a better success rate in capturing applications from the most highly qualified candidates. Top sales recruiters will balance the needs of an organization and the needs of ideal sales people when writing such a description to ensure all bases are covered.

Top Sales Recruiters Source from All Available Networks

Highly motivated sales people and top sales recruiters both work to build and leverage extensive networks of contacts to support their success. When looking to attract sales people top sales recruiters put these networks into action, and are able to reach top sales talent through:

  • Academic networks of recent college graduates and experienced alumni
  • Professional networks of sales people who are passively looking for the next opportunity
  • Career networks of sales people who are actively looking for a new position
  • Personal networks of sales people who can pass referrals on to others

Through utilizing all available channels to attract sales people, top sales recruiters are able to consistently reach top sales talent wherever that talent is looking for exciting career prospects. The depth and breadth of these networks exceeds what most others are able to access, ensuring that organizations hiring a top sales recruiter have a competitive advantage.

Top Sales Recruiters Increase Candidate Interest in the Position Early

Candidate interest begins with the written job description but can quickly fade without encouragement, especially during an extended hiring process. Top sales recruiters know that keeping a candidate highly interested is integral to preventing that candidate from dropping out of the hiring process prematurely and looking elsewhere for opportunity. To keep candidate interest running high, top sales recruiters:

  • Engage candidates with the opportunity at the very beginning of the screening and interview process by sharing details of interest not in the job description
  • Maintain continual contact with the candidates under consideration so that candidates are kept abreast of developments and know that they are still in the running
  • Ensure candidates are still interested by asking questions about expectations and future goals with the potential position

By following these practices, top sales recruiters ensure that the organizations for which they are working can take adequate time during the hiring process to make the right choice without worrying about candidates departing the hiring cycle. These tactics also help sales recruiters ensure that candidates are truly engaged and interested, lessening the risk that a candidate presented with an offer will decline.

If you are interested in improving your organization's ability to attract sales people, partnering with a top sales recruiter is the key. Research top sales recruiters working in your industry today to start improving your ability to attract and recruit the sales people who are ideal for your organization's needs.

SalesForce Search specializes exclusively in sales recruiting across North America and serves small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. SalesForce Search helps companies find qualified sales people who will have an immediate impact on their sales targets.

Sales Talent and the On-going Search for Greatness


sales talent and the on-going search for greatnessWhen your organization is looking to outperform in its marketplace, nothing but top sales talent will fit the bill. Yet what many organizations overlook is that the search for greatness in sales talent must be on-going to be successful. Switching hiring efforts on and off makes for a less effective recruitment process that will not attract and retain key sales talent. Here’s how your organization can keep its search for greatness on-going without exceeding your sales recruitment budget.

Look Outside Your Core Industry for Sales Talent

During the recent recession, it was relatively easy for organizations to require and receive years of experience in a specific industry segment. A rising tide of sales hiring has changed that dynamic, meaning that organizations looking for greatness should be widening their horizons. If your organization is having difficulty locating top tier sales people, though, it is not because those individuals are not out there. It might just be that your recruiting is not reaching the right places. Give active consideration to great sales talent from outside your core industry, including:

  • Second career sales people, who have had success in entrepreneurial or other sales environments
  • Beginning career sales people, who have recently entered the work force but have already demonstrated sales success
  • Experienced in another industry sales people, who have shown translatable ability to sell in other markets

Know That Top Performing Sales Talent Has High Expectations, Too

You expect high performance from your sales department. Would it surprise you to learn that top sales talent has high expectations, too? If it does, your sales recruiting process may need an update to attract the top sales talent you are looking for. Top performers want to work with other top performers in highly regarded, highly visible positions; these individuals thrive on the thrill of sales, and expect that the rewards will extend beyond what they earn. After all, top performers can earn a high salary nearly anywhere.

Actively Manage Your Sales Talent – Your Top Commodity

The commodities that your organization relies on to get business done are actively managed, because resources are finite and must be maximized in order to benefit the bottom line. Your sales talent is also a finite resource, especially when it comes to your A-level talent. While it is true that no individual sales person is irreplaceable, it is more difficult to replace higher performing sales team members, especially as the job market is shifting in favor of these high performers. In recent months it has become the norm for available top sales talent to receive multiple offers from interested organizations within a short period of time. If you are actively managing your talent, you can spend less time worrying about competing offers and more time building sales revenue.

From Recruitment to Retention, a Sales Recruiter Can Help with All Aspects of Managing Your Sales Talent

Now that sales talent is a recognized resource, and now that organizations’ knowledge of selling and what it takes to become a great sales person extends far beyond outmoded perceptions of “shark” sales people, many businesses are outsourcing sales recruitment to sales recruiters. The right sales recruiter can help your business gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by:

  • Reducing your overhead costs for sales talent acquisition and retention
  • Boosting the overall quality of candidates through finely managed recruiting processes
  • Providing better predictions of candidate performance through well-tested interviewing and screening methods

As a sales manager or executive, your sales recruitment process is only a part of the overall picture of success for your sales department. By outsourcing your sales talent recruiting to a qualified recruiter, you can better leverage your time and resources even while your on-going search for talent greatness continues, ensuring you never miss the opportunity to hire a great candidate again.

SalesForce Search specializes exclusively in sales recruiting across North America and serves small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. SalesForce Search helps companies find qualified sales people who will have an immediate impact on their sales targets.

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