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Top 3 Signs You Need to Hire a Sales Person


hire a sales personMany companies struggle over deciding when is the right time to hire a sales person. There are several indicators that you use to help make this decision. Growing pains are common, and how you respond to those pains will determine the future of your company. Let's take a look at the three most common signs that you need to hire a sales person.

1. Your current sales team is struggling.

Even if you have a talented team, they can only do so much, and they are only human. If you don't have enough sales people, somewhere along the way the process is going to break down and leads are going to fall through the cracks. When this happens, your numbers start to falter. This is already a high-turnover position. If you add overwork to the mix, you'll end up losing even more sales people.

2. Your company isn't meeting its goals.

If you're in the middle or beginning of a growth spurt, and you see your numbers starting to lag, this is an excellent indicator that you need to hire a sales person to help sustain your growth. This lag will largely be due to not having enough sales people on your team and, as mentioned earlier, if your sales team is struggling to meet their current goals or simply keep going.

3. Your sales process is suffering.

Your sales process is a vital part of your company's success. Ideally, your sales people should be grooming their leads, handling their prospects and touching base with your existing clientele. When you don't have enough sales people, one or more of these processes are going to fail, simply because they don't have enough time to handle all that is on their plates. You can tell you need to hire a sales person when you see that your leads aren't getting contacted, it's been awhile since your current customers were contacted or if your sales team just isn't closing enough new sales.

So, how can you spot these indicators before they become a problem. By monitoring your lag and lead indicators you'll be the first to know when you need to hire a sales person. Lead indicators are the most commonly used in today's business world. You set specific goals that are key to your company's growth. If these goals aren't being met, you definitely need to hire a sales person. Lag indicators were used in the past, and these are more of the panic button problems that are typically too far behind to correct. By making your sales goals part of your lead indicator, you will definitely be the first to know when it's time to hire a sales person.

Simply monitoring the situation, asking your current sales team members for their input, and charting where you want your company will be will help you make that vital decision when you do need to hire an additional team member.

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